Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Professional Video Marketing

Video content is the future of marketing in the world of business and if this is not part of your marketing mix, your business risks sinking into oblivion. To appreciate the importance of video, consider that internet users watch 5 billion videos daily. By 2020, 80% of global internet traffic will be video and as a business owner in Australia, you need to capitalize on this content to build your brand. While many local businesses still invest heavily in traditional media for marketing, a great number of companies are shifting towards visual content.

This article highlights some compelling reasons to invest in video marketing. Keep reading.

  1. Greater Sales Conversions

If you do business online, you appreciate how competitive this platform can get. You have to compete on a global platform with bigger brands which have more resources for marketing. Studies show that using video boosts conversion at online stores.

Adding a video on your store’s landing page can increase conversion by up to 80%. If you want to see those sales shoot up, it is time to start shooting unique videos for brand marketing.

  1. Increase Brand Visibility/Awareness

Internet users not only love viewing videos, but they also share them rapidly. If you have been struggling to gain traction in your industry, it is time to start making creative videos about your brand and share them on your business platforms.

Research shows that video content generates 1200% more shares compared to text and images combined. Simply put, you need high-quality and entertaining videos for your brand marketing. A video is great for customer engagement and if you want your customers to respond to your marketing campaign, you need to give them decent video content.

By collaborating with a company like Angry Chair video production Australia residents can develop custom video content that will generate shares. This, in turn, makes people talk about a brand.

  1. Multi-Purpose Content

Your business can leverage video content for different uses. You can use visual content during product launches, rebranding, educating your customers, entertaining, employee education, customer testimonials, and reviews, among other things. You can use the same video to achieve multiple objectives and this versatility makes video content an asset for local businesses.

  1. Great ROI

When planning a marketing campaign, you have to think about return on investment. Useful marketing tools offer great ROI for a business. Videos in general present great ROI compared to other marketing tools. Video production has become cheaper over time and the impacts on sales are great.

  1. Better Connection with Target Customers

Consumers hate reading advertising text and they will quickly turn away from such content because it is impersonal. This is where the video comes in handy. By using real customers, employees and even business owners, it is easy to connect with target customers. When they see a face, it makes them more inclined to continue watching and understanding the brand.

These are only a few of the reasons to invest in professional video production as part of your marketing strategy. It is affordable, engaging and a great tool for your marketing endeavors. An outside company will help your team develop sharable content to catapult conversions, increase customer engagement, boost brand awareness and so much more.

Why Being an Expert Is Good for Business

When you are starting a business, or even if you have been running one for some time but want to take the next step to grow it, there are certain ideas that you need to put into practice. Make sure, for example, that you are using social media to your advantage, and that you have the right SEO techniques in place across your website.

Something else that you should consider, no matter what stage you are at in your business career, is showing that you are an expert. This might not come naturally to everyone, especially those who like to keep their achievements to themselves, but there are a number of advantages to showing how much you know when it comes to your business; read on to find out what some of them are.
More Confidence

When you are the boss of a business, it can often feel as though you have to put on a show of confidence for those around you to see, even if you’re not entirely sure of everything that you think you should know. By showing that you are an expert in your sector (ideally through workshops or by writing interesting, informative blog posts) you can prove to others as well as, importantly, to yourself that you really do know what you are talking about.

Moving forward, you will have a lot more confidence in your own knowledge and skills, which will help you to see opportunities that you might either have missed or ignored in the past. Your business will grow because of this.
Plenty Of Content

When you are an expert in something, you will always have a lot to say on the subject. When you are experienced in something, and you want to write useful content for your blog to improve Google rankings and visitor engagement, you will always have something to write about.

Make sure that whatever you are choosing as your topic you can prove throughout (while still being friendly and personable) and that you know a huge amount about the topic. If you sell homewares, you might explain the difference between coverlet vs duvet, for example. If you make circuit boards, you might detail what they are used for and why they are important. Plan your content in advance for at least a month and ideally three, and you will always have something to write about when the time comes.
People Will Listen

Showing that you are an expert and proving it in all the ways you can will help your business hugely because it will mean people listen to you. They will, in fact, go out of their way to come to you for advice and to read your blogs and engage with your social media pages rather than your competitors because they know that the information and advice they are receiving is good.

These visitors will often become customers, so encouraging them to come to you with their questions and comments can really help grow your business quickly and substantially.

Home Office Equipment You Should Have Already Had from the Start

If you are intending to set up a home office, then understand that the way you set it up will contribute immensely towards your productivity. This setup involves all the equipment you assemble in your office. Below is a guide on some of the equipment you will need to ensure that you work comfortably without straining yourself.

  1. A Comfortable Chair

This is one of the most important elements of your home office. If you have an old and cheap chair that you do not feel comfortable sitting on for long hours, then consider replacing it with an ergonomic chair that has adjustable features. If you work for long hours, then it means that you will be spending all those hours sitting on your chair, hence the need to upgrade to a chair that will make you more comfortable and productive. If your budget allows it, you can buy a massager that can easily be placed on top of the chair. This will occasionally help you in relieving stress and soothing your tired muscles.

  1. Good Lighting

The lighting in your home office is very essential as it helps in preventing your eyes from straining, and it also improves the atmosphere and mood of your home office. First of all, you need to make the most out of natural lighting by ensuring that your office is set up in a room with a lot of windows or it’s set up in front of a window. If your office does not have enough windows, then consider buying full-spectrum bulbs that are capable of providing bright white lights that will make it easier for you to easily work on tasks that require visual accuracy. Desk lamps can also be a good source of light, and they can offer design flair.

  1. Reliable Internet Connection

Make sure that you use an internet provider that is fast and reliable. Slow internet not only slows you down, but it also provides an opportunity for you to be distracted by other things around you, and in turn will hinder your productivity. The time you spend waiting for your files to transfer, attachments to download, and pages to load could instead have been used to complete other important tasks.

  1. Surge Protector

Almost every house experiences power surges, and they can sometimes prove to be very destructive. A surge protector will help you in protecting the equipment and electrical devices you spent a lot of money to purchase.

  1. Network Router

If you are using more than one computer or laptop in your house, then a router can help you in connecting these devices or sharing internet among them. If these devices are located in different parts of your house, then a wireless router will be ideal for you.

  1. Desk

Sitting at your desk for the whole day can at times be tiring; find a suitable desk that is comfortable. An adjustable desk will enable you to adjust it to different working positions or even switch from a sitting position to a standing position.

  1. Power Backup

If you want to protect your work from getting lost should your electricity unexpectedly go out, then consider having a power backup plan. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will be a great device for you because it is designed to provide useful buffer time to save work and safely shut down a computer.

  1. A Quality Printer/Scanner

These days, most businesses can operate completely paperless. There are times, though, when you need to keep physical copies of certain digital documents or convert tangible documents to digital documents. If you need a good scanner that will be dedicated to digitizing your physical documents, then https://www.toprateten.com/best-receipt-scanner/ has a list of the top 10 best scanners of 2019 and their reviews. Come up with a list of high-quality scanners in the current market that will best suit your requirements, then select an ideal one for you. For people who require scanning and printing at the same time, then an all-in-one device that will help in achieving both can prove to be a good investment.

  1. A Reliable Computer

The choice of a computer for your home office can have a big impact on the overall success and productivity of your work. Find a computer that is capable of meeting your specific needs. For example, if you prefer working from different parts of your office, consider buying a laptop. On the other hand, if you prefer working from one point in your office, then a desktop will be perfect for you. For desktops, buy a good quality monitor that will be easy on your eyes.

Working from home is a dream for many people, and it offers the opportunity to customize your home office to increase productivity. Plan wisely, maximize the space available in the office, and get the best equipment that will make your work comfortable and efficient.